About Patricia

Let your life be joyful!As a Certified Life Coach since 1999, I have delighted in working with others and seeing their spirits broaden, stretch, and grow. For 25 years, I have been helping people navigate their lives with more grace, fun, and joy. I believe that life is precious and it is important to honor ourselves in each moment while learning from the lessons our lives give us.  My experience includes work with:

Organizations, groups, and associations

Individual women and men in transition

Parenting, blending families and families in divorce

People with life-threatening and chronic illnesses

I believe in the importance of play, joy, and self-confidence, which I discovered as an elementary school teacher watching how easy it was for children to learn when they were having fun and feeling good about themselves. This lesson was reinforced while raising my own children and now as I play with my grandkids. When I applied this knowledge to my coaching practice, I saw dramatic results while supporting my clients to:

  • Create a vision for their lives on the basis of who they really are
  • Recognize and enhance the skills, creativity, and resources they already have
  • Find their own answers in creating lives that are vital and spirited

The wisdom I bring to my coaching comes from years of continually updating my training,  my experience as a teacher, a family mediator, a spiritual director as well as my own life challenges. Even in the midst of illness, great sadness, and pain, there is time for joy, playfulness, and love.

I am eager to help my clients see with fresh eyes, be present in the life they are living, and make thoughtful changes along the way, and I deeply honor the journey with generosity of spirit, joy, respect, and play.

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