“Could I move forward positively without Patricia and her caring, courageous coaching? Maybe. But why would I want to, when I could enjoy the luxury of having someone on my side, someone with whom I could share whatever I needed to without fear of judgment? For anyone who knows in her heart that she has doors unopened in her life, Patricia can be the key. I intend to fly with her help.”

“Over the 8 months I worked with Patricia, I made some of the most significant life decisions. I moved through the muck of confusion I had in my life at the time and also came to the understanding and picture of what career I wanted to follow, how I wanted to walk on the earth, how I would take part in my community, the ways I would relate with family, friends, and lovers.

There is a whole world out there that is screaming for us to play, learn, and explore. Through working with Patricia, I found that is exactly what I want to do. I want to make the most of everyday and she is a great facilitator of finding comfortability on your path — be it what it may. May it be a good journey for you.”

“Coaching with Patricia provided me with momentum to continue my business plans. Her guidance helped to move me through being stuck (either in grief or responsibility) to feeling inspired and supported. Her creative approach to inquiry coupled with hands-on homework, gave me a tangible structure to accomplish goals and led me to create plans that worked for me. I made progress in my business and she supported my leaps of personal development to put it into action. If you’re thinking about making a change and want support while moving through, contact Patricia!”

“I’ve worked with Patricia over the past several years and as a result have made many significant ‘intentional’ changes in my life, gaining greater clarity while on my life’s journey. She is intuitive, sensitive, insightful, and intelligent. She is also relentless at getting one to follow through in doing the needed work to make those changes. Now, I’m anxious to truly blossom.”

Personal Feedback

“You’ve opened my eyes and mind to a new way of thinking and helped me walk before I ran. You are a beautiful person, with great wisdom, a gentle spirit and have been a blessing in my life.”

“Just to let you know, I’m living the life I’ve always wanted! I’m teaching art, showing plates and selling both! And, I couldn’t have done it without you! “

“I can’t tell you enough what powerful effect your words have. The way you encourage and commend has a way with it that resonates from strength. You have made a difference in my life and in the way I am and continue to be a woman. Thank you. You are a treasure.”

“Have I acknowledged you lately as a great coach? I really like your gentle assertiveness! When I’m done with the sessions, I’m generally “psyched” up and ready to deal with the world and whatever flows in my direction. Thanks.”

“Thank you so much for helping me to open up my world again. Thank you for helping me help myself.”

“I trust what I learn from you. I like the skills you teach me. I just respect what I have learned in my life since I have worked with you.”

“You’re a great coach — I truly enjoy working with you!”

Group Coaching Comments

“I am so grateful for Inside Out and your coaching. You are so affirming and supportive, and the class presented so many ideas and values to think about! I have a wealth of info from your class — it’s GREAT! And so are YOU! Many, many thanks!!!”
~Sally B

“The retreat was just wonderful — everyone loved you and I think they loved having such a different experience. Thank you for all you put into it.”